Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Muy bueno!

Esta película es super magnífico! Yo no sé español bueno, tengo uno años clase de espanol. Dispense mi gramática por favor. =( Yo quiere mira "Vivos los cuervos 4"!

That is as much of a review as I can write in spanish. >.< It was tough to conjugate but still, AWESOME MOVIE! An excellent addition to the genre of epic movies with an original storyline to boot. This movie is well worth the 5/5 and 10/10. ^^

Toonimated responds:

hehe thanks, yea, I can tell you are still learning spanish, so use this flash for practice lol

good, but...

it was a good movie but hot dogs in spanish is perritos calientes

Toonimated responds:

i call them hot dogs and most people at mexico do so :P


~gonna go see if theres a 3rd
~sad how this ended
~great graphics
~yeah missed half of what they said because went by too fast!!
~try making other languages, PLEASE??!!!!!


Toonimated responds:

Oh there will be a 3rd and with both languages, english and spanish for you to choose. It'll be out most hopefully this month, thnx for the review

Snake and The Terminator steal the show

Solid Snake is really cool and gets some classic codec calls with a little twist.
The Terminator gets 100% pissed and wants to fight Joaquim for telling stories about the scarecrow being fake.
Joaquim gets banned from his home for treason and comes back as a scarecrow to fight back the crows that banned him.


This was an unexpected masterpiece. I have no idea why it's not in the Top 50 (or maybe it was at some point). I actually found this after viewing another strong submission, JonBro's Mario:Bom-Omb Battle. I noticed that he only got Daily 3rd for that, so I decided to see what submission beat it, and it was this one! Not a surprise as this is excellent.

Everything is perfect (sound, animation, plot). The fact that the crows are Spanish-speaking only made it better. This is one badass piece of work.