Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Loved it.

All these video game references make this series great. I see the overall quality of the flash is imporving, and I can't wait to finish this review so I can watch the third one!


for some reason i can not get into the story of this i can cope with the spanish thats not the problrm i just think its that the birds are all fucked up but there are good parts wen u put a lot of detail into things those r good but other times it just a little chopppy but it is still good


Your flash was so cool, i hope th 3rd episode is also cool, Tu flash era bueno espero que tu proximo episode tambien seja bueno "my spanish sucks"

A huevo!!!estuvo chido...

Te la rifaste con el pinche Solid Cuervo......jejeje
I liked this one more than I did with the first one!!
If your're ever in Morelos te invito las cheves y los hotdogs va??
Great flash!!!

Toonimated responds:

jaja a huevo, ahi si paso alguna vez por ahi te aviso.

(+ 0.00022)


Toonimated responds:

lol, love your reviews, i can tell how much you helped me out XD