Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


It reminded me of when I was little when I used to watch spanish anime. I know people are complaining that its in spanish but its not so bad. Are people so lazy they cant read. Ok mabey i already know spanish and understood every word. this is still a wonderfull flash along with all you guys other work. Great job. I liked it better than the yu yu. this looks just as good and it has entertaining parts to it.


Oh my f*ckin god!!! >< I loooved this one!!! The animation is super neat and all the gags are superb, you three made a super good job, LOS FELICITO!!!

i just love these even though I am a slow reader..

I loved it!!! This had such good graphics, but personaly, i liked the first one better (just funnier). and where did this...Arnold Schwartzinager *can't spell* crow come from? nice job, i really like it a lot. pretty funny ending. 10/10/10/10/10/10.

solid cuervo...LOL

great metal gear spoof! "it had better be something important or I'm not answering next time, bitch!"

also, a skywalkeresque crow dude got owned in the face. amen.


man this was great! joaquim was so cool in his disguise and that metal gear parody. juste great stuff and preloader XD