Reviews for "Muzzleflash Tutorial"

fairly good but needs improvement still

you need to explain more the flash program itself not just the muzzleflash. you jump to the muzzleflash too fast and need to make the video longer and more detailed for some of the slower people in the world.

Pretty Good

Always wondered how you get a glow on stuff and especially how to make a good looking muzzle. Pretty useful, though i felt there could of been more, like how to animate it effectivly. Meh.

this, but

It seemed a bit obvious. Also, you should've said at the start that we needed a newer version of Flash.

The technique is a good one, but it'd be an idea to show it in action in a decent animation clip, to garner some respect for your techniques. A still image with a madness character clone, a pasted in gun (which looks kinda out of place) and the muzzle flash just doesn't cut it.

You did say all you had to say and there weren't any glaring errors in the writing, so well done on that at least.

I got nothing from this, but someone else might. Still, could be a lot better.