Reviews for "Muzzleflash Tutorial"

good but needs more

ok before i reveiw on grahics style etc etc will give you advice.frist of all that was a very good tut on how to make a muzzle flash it helped me alot but if you want this to get on the site you need to add more,anyway good job i really hope you make a bigger tut so you can help noobs like me and other ppl who are new to the world of flash.ok grahics where good stlye was good sounds where o.k no violence interative was good becuase you could control the speed you wanted to learn the tut no humor overall a 6 nice job and next time make a bigger one k.good luck!


This is just what you'd expect from a muzzleflash tutorial. It explains just that and it just does its job.
I like the music on this, and you managed to keep the filesize low which I like too.
Nice tutorial, good work on this one.

Good tutorial but it had one problem

WHAT'S WITH THE LOUD GUN NOISE! Jesus Christ! This flash is like one of those screamer flashes which tricks you into turning up the volume and playing a scream. Except this movie skips the tricking and if you already have you volume at an appropriate level it will scare the crap out of you when you click play. Change that one thing and this is just another helpful tutorial.


Notbad with this tutorial, could use some improved "FONTS" and change the color up somewhat, something that is not so bright, as for the rest it was decent, maybe abit short but notbad. make a longer one next time, maybe with different tutorial style.

Short tut, but neat stuff.


Until the end...

Until the end of the flash I was wondering what a muzzle flash actually was, and you need to tell us what it is a long time before the end of the submission. Nontheless the tutorial was fairly short and didin't really provide a lot of details, not a great submission.