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Reviews for "Blocking Wall"


This game is amazing. With this talent, you could make a super mario. Good Work

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Lol i did make a super mario. Its called Mario Bros. check it out.



joshuaskillsrobles responds:


Good stuff....

This game is good on its simplicity alone. Your most basic of platformers with an edge of hidden tallent.

2 Things I noticed that are not too awful....

1.)On some level a good number of the platforms are just plain useless.... it is much easier and faster to use, what could only be described as, a super jump and just make your way straight to the portal.

2.)The updrafts -- Being used to updrafts supporting a jump made this feature feel weird. Once I discovered it is best to just hit the current and ride it though I liked it.

*<}:o) H-D

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Thanks, but those platfomrs were there for people who dont like taking risks.


Yeah simple but awesome. I really like it. Couldn't get past the second level with wind on it... But yeah still awesome. The first couple of levels were sorta boring bu if you introduce more interest senarios like the wind for example you could have a seriously kick ass game. great owkr ^^

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yeah ill add more in the next game.


like it. its a bit to easy but its good.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yeah thanks, try part 2.