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Reviews for "Fantastic 4 - Doomsday"


Yo you had me fooled I thought this was gonna be action, nice job man!


I loved this. The multiple dooms was hillarious. especially the one still going through puberty. It wold have been funnier if Richards would have blasted teh ugly Sue and traded her for the jessica alba "Sue"

Good Job!!! Maybe you should consider making more

I loved the way Dr. Doom planned his, euh, well, plan he…

Ultimate doom reminded me of sid from ice age…

Pretty good :)

At first it wasn't so funny but towards the end I was laughing a lot. The initial credits were also stylish. Drawings were descent but would it really be so hard to include upper arms? and lip synch?

One thing I was assuming to happen is to Reed Richards hit doom a fourth time by extending his penis, now that would've been funny. But that would make it not suitable for all audiences.


nice1 and gr8 humor tah go along with it there must have been 2 extremely awesome flashes that were submitted the same day as this cause I cant bleave this only got a 3rd