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Reviews for "Fantastic 4 - Doomsday"


The flashes you make are really awesome.
Keep it up.

Jokes LoL

Funny Entertaining and good voice acting overall A very well done flash...My only regret is that it ended too short and abrupt

dis is great!!!

dis is great!
dont think i seen a beta flash movie about comix!!!!
thumb up!!!!!


"My Sue is Jessica Alba."


" You guys are jerkwads!"

The main problem is that people can get confused with Mr. Fantastic's powers because when he hits dbl D, it looks like he can seperate his arms.

The thing about Jessica Alba's mental retardednessness and the very unexplainable fact that Mr.Fantastic can create a weird device in record time too make sense!

Well Done!

I kind of find it a pity. I see former reviews exclaiming that you shouldn't make fun of a certain Doom, or that the Jessica Alba Sue was sexy, or what not. Please, ignore these particular reviews. As I've seen in both this video and several others of yours, you know how to parody a story or comic from multiple angles/ That is the true meaning of parody: to know what you are mocking before you compose it. Well done sir. Well done indeed. Keep up the good work. And, if I do say so myself, both this and Villains United are in my favorite submissions list. Thank you for the laughs.