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Reviews for "Fantastic 4 - Doomsday"


DUDE! THAT WAS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!! The graphhics werent all that great but i love it. MAKE MORE O_O


i laughed during most of it :P,but i never knew Dr.Doom was brown.

My Suzan is Jessica Alba

Classic line! The was one of your best...though I liked them all. It's nice to see your doing one that's not X-men.(not that I have a problem with X-men it's just a nice switch) Keep up the good work.


XD, jessica alba is hot, yes, anyways another masterminded story by you lol.

classic yet not chliche!

ah yes, Dr. Doom from the marvel 2099 series. i first found out about 2099 when i saw a spider-man 2099 comic book behind a glass case at the henry ford museum. it was in the 1980 section think. So once again, you have taken our favorite comic hero's and made them look lower than mediocre. a splendid job i say, keep up the good work.