Reviews for "I Love You Ono"


That song blew chunks. The animation was cheesy


This is pretty good, the song is one of those that would get stuck in one's head hehe. Good job

I love you Ono

Nicely done, though I wouldn't consider youself new to flash. What is this, your sixth submitted animation? :P

I liked the movie. The character design was cute and it teemed with style. It reminded me of a Psychedelic British Posh fever dream. I loved your transitions that you used in the animation and thought that this was the cartoon's strongest point.

The characters themselves could have been animated a bit better. It would have been nice if you used the Free Transform tool to make them bounce a bit as the landed and jumped form scene to scene. Also, there wasn't much easing in there overall movement. Moreover, it would be nice if you could credit Stereo Total for making that song.

Nice animation overall, I'm really glad to see other female animators on NG. I hope this movie gets an award because it's certainly the most original thing I've seen today.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Thank You sooo much!!! I never said i was new to flash but im still learning... lol yeah i do everything the hard way... i dont know how to do sooo much in it i consider my self still learning... i couldnt animate anything and make it look very real... but cartoons i do ok in... at the end i had some credits and said stereo total did the music... but i should really put it in the front of the flash... Any ways Thank you sooo much your advice is very help ful!!!! and a 9 wow!! thanks again!!

holy cow

i am going to have this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day! and for some reason those round um onos? look like furbys without bodys. for a first flash this is great. good luck on your future flash movies.


I bet this will get an award, great work!