Reviews for "I Love You Ono"


I know you tried hard but the video isnt interesting and the song annoys me to hell, not to mantion that its a rubbish song to start with. Its too monotones


If by ono you mean yoko ono, then I LOV YOU!! (not really but yeah). Yoko ono's awesome. Finally someone who isn't all "oh, yoko ono's different so she sucks!". Plus, I like fuzzy ball thingies with feet, and fuzzy ball things with beaks.


I actualy liked it, it had good graphics and intersting um... chacters
the only reason i didnt vot it a 4 or 5 is because it was a bit anoying but overall good work.

Rock On

cheshirecat1582 responds:

im glad you liked it... I know what you mean by annoying... i have been working on it for something like 3 months and geez... lol I love the song but its stuck in my head all day... lol anyways thanks for the review!! and the honesty.. :)

Haha, brilliant!

It was so smooth, everything fit together like some cheesey 60s musical montague. Catchy song aswell, even though it seemed annoying at first.

Would like to see more like this!


This was a very... um... wierd Flash, but it was good. I can't get this damn song out of my head though!!! Thanks a heap!

But seriously, it was good.