Reviews for "I Love You Ono"

I really liked it but it's very very weird =)

I only have one critique: you could have had more movement with the characters. the mouth was all that seemed to move.
the song is really catchy though.
even though I don't really understand its meaning hahaaaa

ermm ok

wtf is this

cheshirecat1582 responds:

wtf are you? Please dont review if you have nothing important to tell me thank you... ;)


its not that bad. :l

Nice in a strange way:)

graphics:even your still learning about I must say you've made some of the best graphics i've seen today.Tell me which programm did you used for your graphics?

style:very refreshing.A style ya don't see often.Most of the time it's always violence,but this is a very nice thing to see even it's cute >_<.

Sound:very good combination of the music and backgrounds:)

now that was good

love the music for this it was the best choice good work