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Reviews for "Zombie Survival: SM"

Ode to Zombie

O undead flesh that walk
Like a bad Michael Jackson video
Mummies, scientists and the like


OLD SKOOL!!!!! More of this, more weapons, more 2D, FUCK YEA!

ONe of my favorite games on newgrounds!

Humor because of the mummy lol zombies. Well i beat the whole game w/ out cheats but one level froze for like one minute and then it skipped the skills menu and deleted all my money and set me back into battle w/ out skills then it froze again and i got it all back but lost my chance to fulfill all my skills. I loved it anyway though bro!!!

Amazingly good, can't put it down!

Ever time i get on the computer i HAVE to play this game, its a master peace!!!i would be obliged if you could make a downloadable version!

Other wies the old pixilated kinda graphics work well, is a good game base, not an origional idea but its seriously good to play!!


I liked it so much i added to my internet favourites.Great game loads levels not overly hard yet still hard enuff to be challenging.It had me coming back for more.;-)