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Reviews for "Zombie Survival: SM"

My only Problems

Its A great game and all but there are a few problems i have.
-the price it takes to upgrade.. its a little to much for just one upgrade
-No Continues... to the fact you get far but cant continue to fix 1 stupid mistake
-No pausing/or at least from my experience
- The sudden jump in difficulty.... one second its extremely easy, then it suddenly gets extremely hard, but then it eases down to a sudden pathetic level
I gave it a 9 due to these flaws not completely ruining the game, with the correct tactics you can get far but these problems make the difficulty a little to high

a little problem

I have a tiny problem, the ammount needed to upgrade increases expotentially and the rewards are WAAAY too low... this game is good but is hard to pass level 6...
the gun demage, it costs 5000 for the first level... but goes to 15,000 for the next... is too much of a jump, just saying cut the costs a bit... also do the same for the itouch, android version of the game

Metal Slug

Nice pic, Metal Slug.

I must've jumped like 10 zombies -_-

Pros know how to jump over a zombie...

it's not about timing the jump

it's about stunning the zombie

making an opening

executing the jump

your free =)

it was ok.

need more cheats.