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Reviews for "Zombie Survival: SM"


Awesome game, congrats on Daily Second Place.
I don't care about competing scores, so I played with the "stagger" cheat, which was freaking awesome! This is an awesome game and I could play it forever.
If you're making a sequel, some better music would be cool, and some other sound effects, like maybe some gross sounds when you blow them apart and stuff lol. The graphics could be made better too, though they're already satisfactory.
Overall, a great game. And a good way to waste time.

~Lady Faith


Although the animation could run a bit quicker/smoother. Otherwise, overall awesome game.

Nice Defense Game

I liked your choice of the main character. Also, the gameplay was really good. Challenging, but with real strategy involved.

die zombie scum

wow this was fun i dont even like zombie games and i enjoyed this.keep up the good work.

Nice little game

Cool main menu and great gameplay.

That also sounded like Counterstrike with the headshot bit too.