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Reviews for "Zombie Survival: SM"

Eh.......just eh...

cool game,but..it gets boring after a few mins,but still great :P

it would be ok if you could restart with partial funds

This game is a great and addictive game, its objective is basic but difficult to achieve sometimes, which is a good trait games should have to make players want to play it more to beat a certain level or task
The game had a good use of increasing difficulty, starting out easy then getting harder, but the upgrades made it possible to complete.
Good use of Metal Slug Sprites
This game was slightly too difficult at times for me, the fast zombies were way too fast and spawned too often, eventually i was just overrun by the amount and what it took to kill them was a little harsh.
The rounds didn't have time limits, so i often got annoyed when the rounds ended so abruptly right in the middle of a small horde
The game doesn't have a save point, so when you die, you lose all upgrades and have to start over
i could tell you were lacking space in the creation of this game, so the stages were quite small, maybe even too small
This game definitely has room for improvement, but its not terrible, i can see this game going much further through some more effort in editing
Overall this game is enjoyable and addictive, but too difficult past a certain point
I give Zombie Survival: SM a 4 star rating, keep it up Placeable!

this was great game but the little thing you should do in the next one is have more things then just knife and gun