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Reviews for "A Clockwork Community"

a touching piece

go clock go-all you need is love


thats kick-ass lol@live-action fruit and the flag

Finally, something fairly decent from

The Clock clan. I know all of you are going to be skeptical, but, for once, the clock has made something actually worth viewing. Surprising, isnt it?

heh heh a public service message for us all...

well my heart is certainly warmed by the touching sacrifices of the clock crew... seriously though, even though I liked it kind of looked like Stanley Kubrick directed a Snapple commercial... Clock work orange, GET IT?! HA! *ahem* anyway... it was alright, and by the way maybe it's time to critique the people who critique these things... you know those mindless dullards who diareticly spew things like 'this sux you fag!' or 'I kant speel but ur gay' and so forth. And that is the state of the union... good-night ;)

OMG! I am surprised

I thought the print button was some kind of joke, then my printer actually printed out a picture of Clocks- LOL

I thought the message was great, despite the fact that I am not American and I am cautious of the USA.

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