Reviews for "MGS: Snakes on a Plane"


Looking good, can't waite to see the finished movie.

pastabilities responds:

my friend, that WAS the movie :(


My friend had this exact same idea like a week ago. This turned out pretty good. It could have been longer. Solidus kicks ass, though.

It was ok

It was ok .. i love mgs . . if i didn't love it im not sure if i would like this one. I don't wanna be mean but that's the truth. If you only made it a little more interesting then ... :)

Well good luck with your future MGS flash's ( if you're gonna continue ) =)


I like the concept - this movie is a mixed parody of both Metal Gear Solid and future Academy Award winning film, Snakes on a Plane. You really need a play button or atleast a preloader - regardless of the file size. I like the designs for your characters, pretty detailed, nice looking clothing, just generaly good looking. The synching and movements leave a little to be desired, but I have seen worse. The voices were pretty well done, an addition of more sound effects could only help. These characters are seemingly good enough to have their own series, hopefully this will not be the last we see of them. Good luck,


pastabilities responds:

Thanks, now that's what I call a good review. There is a preloader though (you can barely see it because of the incredibly small filesize).

Good Concept.

Bad execution.

pastabilities responds:

Jesus Christ, don't explain how it was badly executed...