Reviews for "MGS: Snakes on a Plane"

sorta good graphics

meh......................i'll pass............but i lick medal gear solid 4/10

pastabilities responds:


of love


ah ooo ooo ooo

you're love is like a rollercoaster baby baby I wanna ride


i like the web adress at the end lol. awsum


Funny shit Travis. I especially loved the commentary. Keep up the good work!

Not Bad, Actually


The graphics and style of this movie were actually pretty good. I like the font you used, and at least you had voices...


...however, those voices were, sometimes, hard to hear. It was too short, and what was going on?


pastabilities responds:

if you payed attention to the dialouge of the movie, you might've made out what they were saying and what the movie was about.

seriously, the whole god damn plot was in subtitles. do I need to write a transcript or a sypnosis for you? you could also read the commentary quote.

Not bad.

If it were longer it would have been better. Still, it was alright.