Reviews for "MGS: Snakes on a Plane"

rubish absolute rubish

make a good flash for fuck sake

pastabilities responds:

i'd like to see a flash from you.

Ya stole my idea

Well I guess you can't really steal an idea unless it's voiced can ya? Oh well, hey, You really could expand on this you know, make it into a short series.

Buuuutttt, I know ya don't want to, so Oh well.

pastabilities responds:

I already thought about making it into a short series but I don't really want to bother the voice actors, and I need to know more about flash. Plus, Snakes on a Plane parodies are getting a little stale.


Yeah, this was good...
A bit quick, but good.

You actually gonna produce a short flash on this or is that it?

pastabilities responds:

no it's just a fake trailer


did you fuck this up so badlysolid snak and snaks on a plane seemed like it would be a great flash but now you just fucked that up real bad srry dude but .... it sucked

pastabilities responds:

if i was any other flash artist i would say "fuck you and work on your spelling" but i say next time make a review with constructive critiscm instead of the latter

Could've been MUCH better.

Graphics were great. Nice idea, but not executed very well. It is slightly hard to make out what the characters were saying; Subtitles would have helped here. Don't get me wrong, I understood what was going on, but I had to watch it three times to actually take in what the characters said. Lip Sync was decent, could have been better. I did notice a Preloader, but it went too fast on my computer. A "Play" button might have upped your score a bit. Like I said, Voices were a bit hard to understand, maybe get your VAs to speak a little clearer. Other than that, good job.
- Tom L.