Reviews for "MGS: Snakes on a Plane"

Ahh, now I get it.

When i watched the movie i wondered where was the "muthafucking snakes". Then i realised that u ment SNAAAKeees, not the snakes.


don't lesson to that asshole the flash was short but sweet


Did someone sh*t all over the screen when I pressed play? because that what it looked and sounded like.

pastabilities responds:

there was hardly any brown/green/red in the movie and i'm sure no squishy sound... maybe you reviewed the wrong movie?

Le sigh

Okay it was too short for one and it didn't seem to have much point. Also, do you have to respond to EVERY SINGLE REVIEW?!

pastabilities responds:

I respond to every review because I don't want bullshit to say bullshit. Like for instance, that review was bullshit. "derr it was 2 short an dinnt hav point why u respundin 2 evry revew cunt". I understand that the "Review this movie" button does have a point, so I can't discriminate you for that-- but I hate it when people do something bad that could have easily been good, so that's why I respond to people to give tips on their other review, so don't cockfuck me about "OH WHY YOU RESPOND TO EVERY REVIEW". Y'know, in order to respond to this the best way possible, FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU AND ANYONE THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU.

(i had a bad day today)

That was a bunch of crap

I'm sorry dude but that wasnt a good flash. In other words it sucked!

pastabilities responds:

could you please explain that in other words? ... oh, "a bunch of crap".