Reviews for "NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa"

Nice battle

This was a good one. Pretty sure I win this battle because I've got more dirt on him in my verse whereas he comes with mostly generic lines. Still, good job murdaa

yeah man.

Well all EYE gotta say is.. that EYE didn't really sit and listen to MIE opponents verse cause EYE hardly understood it... EYEm not tryna get at MIE opponents or anything bro just that MIE opponents voice bothers me. Lmao! No disrespect.. EYE got nothing against MIE opponent.. but when it first started.. EYE just stopped it.. put it up on cool edit pro.. wrote a verse in like 10 mins and recorded.. Win or lose.. not really a concern of MYNE. xD

I don't like this "KEVINBACON" shit so i replaced a few of my words that i noticed are usually replaced with "KEVINBACON". Lmao!


Murda: You spit so fast you loose yourself, and i cant understand wth your saying.
But you stay with a consistent rhythm which is good. I know u ment to say "my flow is fantastic" but, u say "My Fler" yea its a little thing but hey... this is a competition.. feelin me? but for this battle you did Good. i'd give u a 8

Wyze: Bro... your random as shit... Lol... seriously though... u should've had this... u got 2 verses... they were ok...but you were off... and sounds like your forcing yourself to sound gangsta... its not... at all.... gangsta.... Srry fam.
Good lyrics... but all in all it wasnt good enough. i'd give you a 7...

Murda Wins by TKO
{murda... if you wanna win this contest... i say Step your game up bro...}

-This Review is not a Hate Review-


ima judge yea

good battle

wyze, i agree with gas on this with your words, but the punchlines werent hard imo, flow was ok, ive heard you do better. overall ok on your part

grim, you did decent on this, but i tell frank all the time if your doubles were on point you'd be a beast, there off by a tense, but it seems like you hit a bit harder with the punches.flow was cool but words were hard to hear so listened a few times to get what you where sayin

wyze ima have to go with grim on this, no disrespect to anyone,


Grim if you win this one come harder next round bro, i know you got it

This one's close...

Wyze: In his first verse, I wasnt convinced he was in a battling mood. He sounded a bit bored. Second verse, was better on that though. Lyrics are what I'd expect from Wyze, thoughtful. As for the flow: 1st verse was meh, second verse better.

Murdaa: Too bad about those awkward overdubs... I like the fast hitting flow and tight frequent rhymes. The clarity of his vocals are really a draw back.

I wish I could catch all of Murdaa's lines, because he wins with the flow, but Wyze wins with lyrics.

I'm going with the Wyze words on this one.