Reviews for "NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa"

Kill Bill likes it when you come hard LOL

Honestly fellas, I don't need to restate the points that have already been brought up.
But as a fellow competitor, I should probably cast my vote:
Wyze: Your flow sounds really awkward just because sometimes you extend certain syllables to make them rhyme or fit the bar. Your punches were ill, though maybe a little above some people's heads lol. It's obvious you took this really seriously though, which kind of came through your voice as more of egotism than confidence.

Murdaa: You've got a really hard and heavy flow, but your production is really fail. Now this battle isn't about production, but if you can't do it right (and you didn't) you shouldn't do it at all. Also, your verse seemed like I had heard a lot of the lines before. I'm not saying you bit someone or anything, it was just like the same old shit. Stay up though, with a little more work, you'll def destroy.

I'm going to have to vote for Wyze here, but if it weren't for my incessant need to catalog everything, I would NOT download this.

Straight up.

This battle belonged to Murdaa. He brought it out really hard. Wyze's verse was whack. His voice was as if he was trying too hard to win which loses his place as the winner to Murdaa which by the way sounds a little bit like the talented version of Lil Wayne.

This is a battle...

Not a competition about who spent more time with doubles and adlibs.

Murdaa: Your words were too fast throughout this piece. Alot of your words were lost in the slurs. I understand you didn't respect this battle enough to care, but that shows that you don't deserve the win. Every battle is worth the time if you _accept_ it, which you did when you entered. On top of that, the 4 bars before the final 2 bar section were so slurred it was unintelligible.

Wyze: You brought punches to the battle, but your delivery and flow are off still because it does sound many times like you are reading the verse rather than feeling the verse. The last 8 bars, though, were so much better delivered and planned out. That's where you made up alot of ground in my eyes against Murdaa because you hit him in the spots I just described he was weak in, like a real battle artist would.

I give the win by a slim margin to Wyze for knocking on actual points his opponent is weak at, while Murdaa pulled out the usual suspects, so to speak, of leaving someone in the alley and mumbling alot of his lines because he was trying to move too fast for his own delivery.

in my honest opinion...

You guys both did really well on this track.

I thought that wyze was really soft on his first verse and murdaa's verse was really good. Wyze's lyrics were really good, unfortunately he just didn't go hard enough on that first verse. Murdaa on the other hand went much harder, even though most of his words weren't understandable. You could just tell hear that he was using lots of internal rhyming and whatnot.

Wyze's second verse was much better than his first. Though it was really short, I believe that it definitely made up for his first. He came much harder, though his voice was a little wobbly and shaky.

With all that said, I gotta say I think that Wyze took it this round; clearer voice, thought out verses. Murdaa came hard, but I think Wyze did a bit better.

Good job to both of you!

to tell u the truth

i didn't like Both of them

I cant hear Murdaa

and Wyze sounds like he's reading a book.

in the forums i gave it to wyze

cus i can atleast hear what he is saying

but i dont think that was a fair vote

SO ima just go Undecided

shit was wack sorry guys