Reviews for "NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa"

Nice battle

Ima have to go with Grimcredible.

Wyze you had more direct disses and some good lines, but I still have a bit of a problem with your actual delivery. Grim has a good flow and has nice line. Alot of people are saying that Grim is hard to understand... I didn't have too much trouble trying to understand the lyrics personally.

So I'll have to say Grim progresses through to the next round.

- P.


It was much easier to listen to, smooth bars and loved the lyrics. It was quite funny too, so you get my vote.


Like some people have said below, Wyze came off a little weak when he started his flow but when it came to his 2nd verse, he picked up the pace. Murda had more of an aggressive flow but some of his lyrics were hard to understand while I could understand everything Wyze was saying. So this is a close battle but in the end I give it to Murdaa. Good job to both of you though.

Good effort on both your parts.

I thought Wyze had a really off-putting flow and his lyrics just weren't good enough to make up for it -- he made me want to turn the volume down to get away from how he sounded. Murdaa's flow was much more fluent and listen-to-able -- he made me want to turn the volume up to try and listen closer.

Off a great Haywyre beat, Murdaa should advance to the next round.