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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

*Watching and reviewing at the same time*

*Mentions how good this third part of the series is as the movie plays*

Third time's a charm, and this series is only getting better! Keep up the good work!

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot :) Glad you liked it!

That Was Fucking Incredible

Without a doubt, that is one of the greatest pieces of flash work I have ever seen. The graphics and artwork looked exactly the game. The 3D rendering was also mindblowing. Even the plot was pretty good.

If this doesn't deserve front page, I don't know what does - but this is the kind of stuff that I go on this site to see. Incredible job man and best of luck to you on Part IV.

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot!

just perfect!

this is sooo good. like last time i cant wait untill the next one.
wasnt the first misic track was used in a game "full thortle"?
what is the trackes name?
the graphics arent perfect but they are good. the ships are great.
but why is the yamotogun looks like a red blob?
nice idea with the protoss granades(havent seen it in the game).
the space fight could be better. it takes 2 yamotogun hits to destroy a carier. 1 hit just deains the shields and makes some hull damage.
you could have made a better use of the number of interseptors that come out of the carier(8 from each). those battles would have looked better woth biger numbers.
i hope you will be making a LOT of zergs coz they always come in big numbers.
the sound is great, especily the use of the original sounds.
dispite the fact that there is room for impruvment this is one of the best flashes on newgrounds! keep it up.

LogFish responds:

Cheers! Yea I know the yamato cannon doesn't kill in one shot, but I wasn't sticking to accurate hitpoints or anything - it's a movie not a game afterall. And they're supposed to be beefcake! Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy them as I get to the final episode.


i really enjoyed it, i only have one question, in the game, arent the zerg brown, not blood red? im not complaining about it, i was just wondering

LogFish responds:

My models looked better in red heh

Absolutly amazing!