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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"


Usually the movies that interesting and good are short but this one was reall good and long. I loved it and i love the scale in it because the most annoying thing in starcraft was that Battlecruisers looked tiney etc.

LogFish responds:

Scale models wouldn't have worked somehow, hehe. I know what you mean though! Glad you enjoyed it :)


You fixed the lip syncing problem like I asked. Well done. I will be definetly be looking out for the next episode. I really didn't see any problems with this one so all I can say is hurry up and make another episode. :D

LogFish responds:

Thanks - it was pretty easy to fix the syncing thing heh, just put a few 'goto's in the movie before graphic intense scenes to keep the sound up to date. It is a tiny bit jumpy, I'll do them all over the place in the next one so it should be perfect (Syncwise)


Oh my goodness, that was like sex, except it was a flash animation. You're episodes just keep getting better and better! Only thing I didn't like was how the green-suited admiral appeared a bit cross-eyed. Other than that, I'm certainly looking forward to your next episode!!

LogFish responds:

Hopefully the next one'll be so rad, people'll turn down sex just to see it - then feel like they should've gone the other way heh.


that was an awesome movie loved the car alarm when the carrier got nailed cant wait for the next 1

The best....plain best..

That's the best animation I've seen since forever, Loved the 3d anim parts.. ^^
Don't even know what StarCraft is but your Flash work here, has gotten the most highest ratings I've ever gave out... !!! :o

LogFish responds:

Cheers! I'm glad the series can cater to SC fans AND those who've never played. You should look into playing it, too, heheh.