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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

My god.

I love this series... so much.

LogFish responds:

And I love reviews like this :)

Simply brilliant

well you've done it again =) That was amazing. I love this series and i hope you will carry on going ^_^ ( YOU will O.o) Lol Anyway thanks for making these brilliant flash movies they are awesome.!! HAIL THE STARCRAFT SERIES!!!

LogFish responds:

I should've probably named it something on retrospect :) Glad you like them!

Hmm I like this And wondering

this was Soo close to perfect i couldnt think of much too say but
1 mabe tell the story from another Races Vision like the zerg or protoss

LogFish responds:

I have a half-finished flash from a few years ago about a zealot which was quite fun, might put it up after the series just for a laugh ... I'd have to finish it though!


What program do you use to make such realistic looking....ANYTHING??(not realistic, just....Really nice looking...)

Good ending

Way 2 keep StarCraft alive:)