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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

Getting better and better ....

Really love these series and they seem to be getting better with each post so keep on posting :D Respect for starcraft

LogFish responds:

The practice appears to be paying off with the graphics - I'm loving making flash so don't expect a lull from me :) My employment situation won't be changing in a wee while so I have lots of time to indulge my hobby! Thanks for the kind words glad you're liking!


hahaha awsome music from that game!
this is amazing...graphics so m uch better!!

wow awsome stuff man thsi is amazing

LogFish responds:

Full Throttle is the most awesomest game of all awesome time. My profile is full throttle themed heh.

Me likey

lol I like it alot man, I like it alot. Though guy before is right to hate you :) making cliffhangers. Anyways though its very good one top flash I say. :) can't wait for the next one.


This is by far the best Starcraft submission I've ever seen on Newgrounds.

Outstanding Category: "Style" - You really captured the essence of the Starcraft universe in this one and used it well. The conversations between the Terran infantry, the strategy used as the battles played out, and other littles things rarely seen in flash (such as the reaver scarab, overlords, or the sci-vessle EMP) make this a brilliantly scripted movie.

Room for Improvement: "Graphics" - You did an outstanding job as it is, but graphics can always be improved. Details. (Wouldn't it be amazing to see this movie re-made by the Blizzard staff? I think I'd piss my pants.)

Kickass job! Finally, a Starcraft submission that doesn't embarrass!

LogFish responds:

Yea, graphics are still being improved! this whole series is helping me learn better techniques and things, and stop being lazy, so they should only get better (ideally)
Thanks for the review!

UR MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this stuff man u kick ass man! Im a huge SC fan! and i really enjoyed what uve done so far! Plz keep making more! GREAT WORK.

P.S. do u still play sc? if so let me know