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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"


HOLY SHIT! (Is that a T-Rex?)


nice story line

so bad but one thing

this is really awesome but theres one probelem with the space fight i havnt beatn the star crafts just made very extencise maps and such but if the admaral ran into zerg at earth then they would have delt with more and more and more untell earth was assimulated into the swarm becuase if they knew were earth was they would just send everything they had at earth forgeting about the zantaboen most likely

very awesome flash 2 thumbs up ^^

Best StarCraft tribute EVER

I don't know how you do it, but many of the models (especially the ships) look amazing. The space fight was one of the best I've seen in recent memory. Too bad the voice acting was slightly sub-par (though it's getting better). I just can't imagine a Templar saying "blow it".

Funny moment: The "warning siren" on one of the Carriers sounded like a car alarm.


enough said that was great work on your voiceing still.