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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"


I must say, this video is exceptional, I really like the drawings, and the way you uitilized all the game sound effects was awesome, have to agree though, the voice acting was pretty shitty, but, that's NG for ya. Nice work!!! (BTW: I love the battle scenes, very impressive.)

Keeps gettin beterr and better

after every episode they out do the last one. And i love how u keep improving the grapics but the Explosians SUCK

LogFish responds:

They suck AND blow. I'm meaning to do better in the next episode - I'm still using flashMX so it's a bit more work than blurring a bunch of crap like in flash8 - I have to make .png's in photoshop and import them etc. it's a pain in the butt.

Great use of flash & starcraft

That video was kick ass, voice acting was crap, but this is a newgrounds video can't really expect professional voice acting...

Great choice of music in that big battle, Judas Preist kicks ass! Everything about this video rules, I can't wait for part 4

cant wait yet love...

ii cant wait till the fourth one yet i loved this one and i can tell there is gonna be alot of action in the fourth and im sure theres gonna be a fifth

LogFish responds:

heh I'm just playing with you - glad you liked it, and that the cliffhanger works heh. I thought of that ending before I started and I was like, yea that'll be cool. So I wrote it down.

Great work!

You have great skills in flash and I suggest you continue making animations in it.
Good Job