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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

car alarm

All and all it very good the only problem I have is that you constantly use the sound of a car alarm. I think it would be better if you use a more appropriate sound for the ships, vehicles, ect. But otherwise its awesome.

That was awesome.

It was incredibly well done; story-wise as well as in terms of animation.

To macboo11; the sprites looked odd because they were pre-rendered in a low-poly three-dimensional modelling program. Thus, he isn't drawing them, and he most certainly is not a reference drawer, which is not bad unto itself.

Do a bit of research before you make accusations next time.


NZ marines ftw!


Really good

this is really good

the animation is stiff and the zerg is way to blocky really i understand u like only person doing starcraft full animation but the charatures in general is lame im pretty sure ur also a refrence drawer u cant draw with out a refrence