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Reviews for "Twilight Valkyrie"

A damn good game.

I love how you combined a couple of decent games and made a really nice one. The complete chaos later in the game is awesume!

Keep it up!

Hey it's me, sadistically long reviewer guy!

Alright lets just go with the basics

On the graphics they were well done, I didn't have any problem with HOW they were made, just with what, I found the designs of the ships kind of boring to my thoughts, somthing sharper or somthing without outlines would have been better, I didn't really like how the lines on the ships were thick.

On killing things the ships should have flown slower but taken more to kill, like the first things you would fight would be 1 hit to kill and it'd get higher up later on, I didn't like the system of 'blue kills blue' 'red kills red' it just made things confusing, what would have been better is if you had a limited number of green and blues which did extra damage and you found for power ups for the ammo for them, and the laser being infinite but weak in power. That probably would have been a better system.

There were WAY too many ships at some points, and i was able to deal with it health wise but accuracy really took a toll from that, when I realised at the end that misses messed up your score, I was pretty pissed off basically. losing score for accuracy? I meen an accuracy BONUS score would have been a better idea than losing points. cuz I got a total of -17000 becuase of how often i missed (which was becuase of how fast ships were moving and the gun choices I had to make every second)

having to deal with SO MANY thoughts at the same time threw me off I was disoriented the whole game, i was trying to keep my witness count down, while at the same time making sure i killed everyone, and deciding what gun, + avoiding collisions and bullets. NOT FUN FOR ME

It's a challenging game but in a way that's more of an annoyance than entertainment I think. It was a good game, it had some original ideas, but somtimes original ideas aren't good ones, in this case the fighting program really wasn't ment to be how it was

also the music choice, HORRIBLE music choice. I dunno if that songs called valkyrie or somthing but honestly that did not fit the game, and it only served to annoy me. Somthing more Techno or Death metal would have fit this game better.

Sound effects are really what i liked about this game though, the sound effects were perfectly timed and suited the weapons very well, explosions fit the animation. if therz anything you did righti n here it's definantly the sound effects.

but the gameplay and style of graphics just drove me crazy. I'll give it a 3/5 for the fact that this would have been HARD AS HELL, but it wasn't Fun for me.

(PS, did you copy the sheild graphics from Star Wars Dark forces? becuase I recall those being int hat game)

Good Job man

Dude nice game, It was really good, graphics could be better, and you know that its not that hard to improve them, just like another week hehe, style was great particulary in the end, it got really interesting and hard, uhm sound could be better, I mean nice theme, but ... it didnt make the job, good work


do you know what a valkryie is and if u do then why did u call it "TWILIGHT VALKRYIE" it has nothin gto do with a ship killing people, but it was a pretty good game.

Not my cup of tea but...

Graphics are not too bad. Opening video is entertaining and fairly well done. You're voice over at the beginning is not bad. Overall it was pretty easy to play even for a no "skillz" person like me. Love your choice of "Ride of the Valkyries" for the soundtrack. I didn't play much as I really am no good at shooting/flying games but it did keep me entertained. A well done effort from you.

As for the name "Twilight Valkyrie" (in light of "Valkyriesride's" comment) it's quite appropriate.

Valkyries are from Norse mythology. They were flying female warrior angels of death who snatched fallen men from the battlefield and took them to Valhalla. So the word valkyrie has always had a connection to "flying warriors." Doofus.

The U.S. Air Force worked on the XB-70 (experimental bomber)Valkyrie in the late '50's through the mid-'60's. It never came to fruition but the one surviving prototype is on display at Wright-Patterson.

There have been several USAF/ROTC squadrons with valkyrie in their name. The Turkish Air Force had a Valkyrie squadron at one point.

Perhaps valkyriesride misunderstood "ship" and took it to mean a ship on the water. Although, how he came to conclusion I'm not sure. It's quite apparent in the game that you're piloting an air ship.