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Reviews for "Twilight Valkyrie"

Nice game

Movement is slow, hard to catch the enemies.
Requiring a different laser for enemies is a great touch
Having a miss count makes it a little too difficult considering the short distance and slow response and movement speed.
Heat is a very cool addition, keeps you from spamming.

I believe I ran into an error. After all my lives had been spent was invisible then would spawn and continueing on I racked up another 1000 with lives that I shouldn't have had.

Love the game. These style games, the Raiden-ish fighter pilot games are one of my very favorites.

nice game

it was a great game.....up until i started exploding for no reason. i saw on some of the other reveiws that you have a it so that if you miss so many of the ships you explode, if that was the reason, that is kind of stupid. especially since when i exploded i didn't lose a life, and i came back with full health. if that wasn't intentional, i think maybe you should go back and fix that. if you ask me, you should take the whole miss so many thing out, cause it's kind of annoying. and like the other person said, when you explode, there are shipps that you miss while you wait to respawn.

looking past the random exploding thing though, this was a really fun game, a nice change from the traditional "hold down the fire button" shooting games.

vest816 responds:

I'm so glad that everybody's being so direct with this kind of a thing, because the more input I'm getting, the more I'm delaying me getting a Frosty at Wendy's. Hey! Criticism makes for a good diet, too!

I'm seeing that as being somewhat of a frustration, and I have just revamped the "miss" mechanic and have replaced it instead with "witnesses". So, you shouldn't explode for no reason.

overall an ok game but...

as the previous guy said shift turns on the window for sticky keys.

vest816 responds:

I'm glad that people are putting that forward, as I forgot that the genii at Microsoft put in that worthless annoying stupid feature. I disabled that way back in 2003 when I got this clunker, so I beg forgiveness. I forgot that would be an issue.

I'm working hard to fix this problem, and within the next couple hours, it should be good with an ALTERNATE keymap for people who like to play with the left hand controlling the direction of the player.

The new scheme is visible from the main menu, but I still have many tweaks to make. I submitted the game at a satisfactory quality for my own PC, but as there are different setups on keyboards and people on laptops with different layouts, I'm working to find a more universal scheme that is comfortable with my own gut feeling.

Thanks for the good marks, though. But 9 for humor? Did I accidently throw in exploding clowns?

hey buuudddy

pressing the shift rapidly in sequence 5 times turns on sticky keys for windows xp. a pop up telling you this consequentially from perfoming such action. when this happens the previously active window becomes inactive and is no longer capible of accepting commands. your games primary fire key is shift. i hope you see the problem in this... i could just change my settings for this, but im not going to.... you change!! oh yeah, ignore the zeros, i didnt actually play much of the game due to the above mentioned problem. i felt i wouldnt be able to fully experience your creation. so i didnt think it fair to rate it. so.... um... yeah... do sumpthin bout that)

vest816 responds:

Yep, I've realized that error, and have just tattooed a note on my forehead using india ink and a dinner fork. It reads "DO NOT USE SHIFT FOR SHOOTING."

I've remedied that problem, as there are TWO control schemes (arrows and WASD arrangements), and the firing buttons have been moved to JKL (for right handed shooting) and ZXC (for those using arrows).

I hope you do give it another go, though, with that horrible troublesome issue fixed. I can't make you, but I do welcome you to check out the results of your extensive critique on that particular matter.

Awkward Keys

For the most part the game was good, but the voice quality at the begining was not great and the music by far overpowered the speach, which was also a bit too quiet.

Also, with the controls after a while my finger turned to a rubix cube with having to press ctrl, alt, and space. Perhaps it would be better off if you made it "WADS" keys for easier use.

Hope this review helps a bit! Nice game overall.

vest816 responds:

After a lot of complaints regarding the controls, I have updated this version with one to stand-in that allows the WADS configuration, and the three weapons can be used with JKL respectively. Also, the Control/Shift on the Right side of the keyboard will also work.

Right now, I'm fixin' to update the in-game instructions with that bit, and will include a stand-alone screen that has a keyboard map.

Thanks for the helpful words, though. I really appreciate it.