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Reviews for "Twilight Valkyrie"


ya if this was a dude from wwII or somthing i would accept it but a spaceship thing____________________________that is so DEDEDE its retarded(i hate star wars)


ok but u should add upgrades really good intro it was funny

ur game is badass but u need more violence

u need more violence & ablood lots of blood
ps <(^.^)>
ite meo

vest816 responds:

You mean, like make the ships bleed?

Oh, I GOT IT! They parachute out, and you can suck them up into the engines!

Hey, I should have you come up with gameplay ideas for me more often, lol.

One big question.

What the hell man!? Twilight VALKIRIE!?
Is the main character male? Cause thats a veeeery feminine name.
xD Specially the Valkyrie part. Cause Valkyries are normally female.
Anyways, Good game. Little boring for me cause I dont like that kinda thing, but it was well made. Kinda reminds me of a battle version of Marvin Spectrum cause of the color based system.

Good game.

Is it just me, or does the Twilight Valkerie's ship look like a shoe? Anyway, great game. The opening scene was pretty funny.