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Reviews for "Twilight Valkyrie"

i didnt like it...

i didn't like ti but thats what the voting is for not the reveiws, it was well made and i liked how homer said his famous one liner at the end when u die personally id suggest not making a similar game but it seems lots of ppl liked it so go ahead if you want to but you won't have me backing you on it. but over all nice.

vest816 responds:

That's allright. I understand we're you're coming from. I'll let you in on the production pipeline here, and let you know this isn't the first game I've made. Here's how it worked out.

Twilight Valkyrie began as a game concept that began about six months ago. The actual game began as a demonstration for how to make a scrolling background with a variety of animation happening at random intervals in the background. Yet I held on to that background, and threw a couple ships on it that would move around. For one of my Flash classes, I had to turn in a game WITH a scrolling background and INTERACTIVE characters on screen, so I pretty much had it done. Yet I spent a few days working on it to get in the (at the time) two weapons types for two enemies.

I had a week break between semesters, and had a five-day Flash Crash to introduce eight characters, a levelup system, shields, heat, and pretty much all the other gameplay elements. However, when the next Flash class began, I realized that the game had become so extensive that I could turn it in as a Final during the second week of class. But I didn't like that. My knowledge of Flash is still very limitted, so instead of keep poking at a game that was guaranteed an A, I decided to make more.

After a few concepts to figure out physics and other things that wouldn't go in this game, I developed Radical Meatloaf Lemurwheel in one morning. Using the physics I learned in that, I revamped the gameplay, gave it a graphic overhaul, and let it run out of control. While BS'ing towards a friend on AIM, I told him about a game idea I was thinking of doing, even though I came up with it on the spot just to weasel out of helping him on homework I didn't feel like helping him on.

I told him about Slam.

My lessons learned from this site and from peoples' responses here have told me that the games we spend too much time thinking about and adding to aren't always the best. To be honest, this wasn't my favorite game to make, so rest assured, this is probably the last side-scrolling shooter I come up with, unless the idea is in my opinion too inovative to NOT do. I found the best formula would be a simple twist to an old game with some visual polish. I'm working on another game that follows Slam's formula, so hopefully, you'll enjoy that one more.

Yet with a game I had spent so long on, I just had to submit this anyway. I knew it would do well enough score-wise and I'm very proud of it visually. Yet gameplay-wise, I'm with ya. It's not nearly my best. But that's because this is, in actuality, my first game ever.

Graphics intensive fun - the best of its kind.

Graphics intensive - nice work, but it really should go faster, and perhaps have more screen room; maybe the planes could be smaller, and therefore go faster? But I have to say it's super impressive.

Good Game

Good game i like the idea of the different ammo for different types but the ship needs to be quicker to maneuver and have the blue ammo have a special effect besides going straight.

hard 2 play

its hard 2 move around also different ammo for diffrent enemies??? 2 much 2 rember.

vest816 responds:

I'm honestly frustrated with people saying that these reviews aren't helpful. Whenever somebody, like you, says something really helpful like that I can't stand that underneath it, it says "0/1 people think your opinion matters neener neener neener". Just hate that. Know what? That right there, what you just said, is exactly the kind of feedback I need for when making the next game. This is stuff I need to know.

Thanks for the solid, up front critique. I really appreciate it.


Hey, I liked the initial cutscene! Maybe you should make a movie about this guy? However, when you first get to the main battlescene, it gets confusing. Not to mention the music... Oh my God. Please, check out alternatives! That was not only horrible, but an affront to all my senses. To the guy who talked about StarWars: How is this anything like that? I didn't see a single parallel in there at any time.
Anyway, I'm off track. I'd like to see a movie about the Twilight Valkyrie, how he got where he is, and his feats of amazing ability. Good luck!

vest816 responds:

Well, the Twilight Valkyrie was originally intended to pull a Samus on everybody, where I was thinking that at the end, the helmet comes off and OMIGODITSAGIRLROFLROFL!

I consider this more of a demonstration stage, much like Alien Hominid was when it was first submitted to NG. Just one level to show gameplay elements, graphic style, and scoring methods.

The reason why I didn't do everything I wanted to do on this is simple. I just got bored of the concept, and the sheer magnitude of this game was nothing short of overwhelming for just one guy. I might throw in a couple more levels, more enemies and such, but honestly, I couldn't find the motivation to. So the game's out there, and if anybody wants to sponsor a sequel, all they have to do is give me an Email.