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Reviews for "Twilight Valkyrie"

Fun Game

I liked it. It was fun to play and was challenging well at least the first time you play it. I like the graphics when you destroy the ships. The flames and the explosions were well done. I didn't really have a problem with the overheating, it just makes the game more difficult.
Some improvements I would suggest would be the sound. The background music is funny considering the title of this game but it got a little annoying. Also, the sound of exloding ships would start to sound bad if you destroy too many at once. Lastly, make the respawn time quicker. I always lost a lot of point because I didn't respawn quickly and 10 enemies got by me.


ouch! thats intense!!!! awesome game. keep up the good work.
dumb boss laser thing


Great game! Great game!......But man, thats ruff! I think you should do a remake were all three shots are fired off at the same time standard with no overheating penalty to make the game a little easier! But all the same, its a GOOD game! Nice action, good graphics, REALLY good sound(Man. I loved the Valkyrie music in the backround- HILARIOUS!)


by the way don't complain at the voices it sounds just like the radios in air craft so adds to the authenticity made me think of kilgores raid in apocolypse now only becuase of the music though



This is one of the most awesome games I've played. The sheer chaos of it is amazing. The three weapon types was a good thing to put in as if it was just one weapon it would be too easy. This is a challenging and fun game that definately diserves a lot of credit.
My scoring:
Graphics: This game looks amazing, the ship designs are pretty amazing and everything looks beautiful.
Style: Anyone who says this game doesn't have style needs help. Three weapons and it's a chaotic shooter! What more could you want!?
Sound: Explosions and a hilarious war theme in the background. Sound effects were amazing and the music certainly fitted the game.
Violence: The only thing missing is blood and gore but I doubt the amount of destruction in this game could be placed lower than 10.
Interactivity: It's an interactive game =D
Humor: The opening sequence was fairly humorous ("remind me to bring my handheld next time") and the sound the game over screen made was - to say the least - unexpected IMO. There's also the fact you'll laugh at the puny ships as you fill them with molten plasma, laugh I say!
Overall: A brilliant game that could go far. If you make another game after this you should put a cameo of this in, or maybe even a sequel but I doubt that'd work. Maybe it'll end up like Alien Hominid it's definately a winner!