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Reviews for "- Tribute -"

demon tord:be you angels? edd and mat:nay!!!!!!!!!! edd:super white blast!!!!!! deon tord:X_X demon tord voice sound like demon in reincarnation search reincarnation

It is said that one that night come once a year that those who walk that same road hear the cries of the devil's pain, for the song is heard at that very spot where the demond was vanquished... Tribute.

On the day Edd died that morning of April 14, 2012, angles had taken him to be knighted and honnored for his bravery, purity of the heart, and his kick-ass singing...

This is my friends the day known as...

~Nintendo Nic/lavirto (Dr.V)


when eed said rock aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah is the best ever

lol i love that tord is the demon and that when edd says ''alright'' his eyes pop out of his head