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Reviews for "- Tribute -"

That was a tribute to Tribute!

Wow, i seriously loved that one! I had a similar idea with Beezleboss, unfortunately I have no flash skills and someone already did part of it on flash. Yours was awesome though, made that great song even better! Especially with the devil, you really gave him some good animations, like falling to his knees when defeated. If you were to redo it/upgrade it, give them better mouth animations and make them move a lil instead of just standing, uk like breathing or something. Great flash though, enjoyed every minute of it!

hahahahaha props dude!

that was great! one of the best on ng no doubt!


Dewd! I saw this on you tube but the audio wasn't as clean and it looks like you cleaned up the animation as well. Still one of my favs!!!!


i like that song and i like edds world. when i saw the picture representing it i thought it looked like eddsworld so i checked it out. Good job.


I saw the little pic that represented it and thought, :It looks prroly drawn." I am amazed at how right I was. LOL J/k. That was an awesome tribute to the tribute to the greatest song in the world.