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Reviews for "- Tribute -"

Fucking awesome

I want a INFINTE LOOP button T.T


this is the first time im actually speechless of a flash video/game


i am stunned by this song even though im lucifier it awesome oph yeah oh sorry mah bros lucifier

Sweet song

You guys at eddsworld just never stop creating awesome submissions. This was really good probably because the song was also awesome. What makes it ironic is that it is not actually the song that is being sung, but rather a tribute as the title suggests. It's great to see Lucifer get so perplexed over the awesomeness of it. You certainly impressed me with your great music video. The coolest part is probably when Edd starts to glow.

While there isn't that much action, the style more than makes up for it. The characters move around in a nice way, even if their designs aren't the best. You have made a great tribute in yourself to Tenacious D. Who knew a tribute to a tribute could be so good? Maybe you could make it a bit more detailed, but still great.


that was awesome

all right