Reviews for "IMP, Sassi 2"

Good Movie!!!

I don't need to wait for IMP 25,because I saw it on a website call deviantart.


lol i loved it all the way plez make more


It was really good, but the name was a bit cofusing cause of usuall numbers given to I.M.P. episodes. I wonder why it's not that popular so far. Anyway great movie, and it's cool that the storyline was written by a fan ^^. "What a perfect woman!" lol

Yet another Flash brilliant... thingy yeah.

How'd Sassi_16 get the part in your movie? Was there a drawing/raffle thingy?
Oh yeah, where in Galbadia Hotel did you get the battle music? Example: When Henrik tried to morph but hit his head.
That script must've been loong!
Some old jokes, but still the same old spontaneity.
Bob Saget's AFV is hilarious, though. Although one hilarious comedian, Bill Engvall always has a bazillion wife jokes. They're hilarious. Well, as usual, please respond, and I'm tired.
P.S. I thought you said MY flashmovie script was long. I better re-add some stuff.
Still having trouble finding a good thing... downloads trials, you can't save.
Well, pie!
Tell Zody to check my reviews on one of your movies! One of them has an ice cream receipe! Try it!
Need...Ramen...for lunch. Very spicy, but I got a bag from a friend.
Yay, a really long review!
H Hog, here is an age old question-
What does the H stand for?
How did Henrik get morphing powers?
Are those barrettes in John's hair?
7Up? It's ok, but ice cream... Bing! Pour 7Up in vanilla ice cream!
That's the best idea I've had since 1992.
You um...hit the target!
Well, may you live long and eat stuff...
Heb een goede dag! This better be right...
Why is Tiffany never in any episodes?
Brany... Is it pronounced Brain-y, or Brawn-y or Bran-y, like Raisin Bran?
Wow, this should be my longest review ever!
Please respond! Thanks for the great movie!

sassi 2!

same one sassi 1