Reviews for "IMP, Sassi 1"


Well this was entertaining and it had some good art, but, You could get much more views to your flash if you lower the size of it, some slight compression here and there may it be intense graphics, music or whatever the case, just try and cut here and there and you will notce it slightly smaller and will be good for your flash and the viewer download time. other then that i thought it was fine.



Probably the worst IMP epsiode ever. The graphics and sound were fine but the story line just didn't make any sense!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy

It just bitter.

what's next?

an IMP videogame?

um yeah um duh

dude no way this was the kicking ass flash ¬¬ wat more i can say so sassi its most fan ¬¬ i say THIS WAS THE BEST may be the 3rd best :)