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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"

damn dude

this is the best job ive seen done with sprites


screw the sprite haters... u did an awesome job wit this flash.

this is not mentioning that it is the longest flash i have ever viewed on newgrounds ever.. their might be a longer one but this one takes the cake.

i luv how u combined the idea of 007 and Mario together... it was great. i can tell u did some thinking wit the story and putting it together becuz who would've thot that mushroom kingdom and the darkworld would go to war LOL!!

sometimes ppl like u amaze me wen they release somtn like this... too bad it didn't get a 4 or above :(... but let me tell u.. with as much work as u put into this, i would xpect this flash to have at least a 4.3.. but ya... GREAT JOB!!! keep up the good work

I don't know why people hate this?

It was one of the best Flash work you ever made.It was far better than other Sprite Flash on Newgrounds.16 minutes,OMG,must be long to make it.Btw,congratulation for your daily award.

Quite the piece of work

Surely much more innovative than most 'sprite films'. Entertaining through and through.


The koopa kids are now all dead... The baron has reached "Dark World"... He has to fight on his own now... So why isn`t there a new episode? Have you stooped making it or is it just too difficult to continue it? I really hope, you won`t give up now! Come on, it CAN´T end like that! I love the series and I`m looking forward to the "Boss Fight" for a very long time now. Please! I know, you can do it because, you made it far and you`re still great. I swear, I won`t miss the next exciting episode!