Reviews for "[c30] Shadows"


8/10 .Might i say this is an amazing song.And im going to 5 Bomb the hell out of you.

Anyway i took off 2 Points due to the song not haveing a proper climax.Anywhere really. Still it was Really good.And i hope to see more

culmor30 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. Sorry about no climax, I just kind of make songs up as I go :D

I also haven't ever taken any classes on music theory/structure, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I just picked up a whole bunch of software and decided to self-teach.


You'll be getting some more votes in the next week.. ;)

culmor30 responds:

Thanks man :D

I approve.

Love the 8-bit mixed with newer style sounds. I like it, but I wish you would expand on it a ton more though and maybe bring out the lead at the end a little bit more.

I think it gets kind of buried within the hard beat. But regardless this is very cool. Seems like any time I listen to your shit its always new and sounds like you put effort in there, even if you didn't.

Keep composing and mixing that shit up, my friend.

And btw, I noticed your score was rather low. I wonder why this is? Oh yeah, FUCKING 0 BOMB ASSHOLES. I'm fav'ing this page so I can 5 bomb the shit out of it for the next few days. It's my own personal way of getting back at the 0 bombers. Don't ask why, it makes sense in my fucked up head.

culmor30 responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it enough to write a review that long :D People usually just say "pretty cool" (if anything) instead of giving any helpful advice.

> I'm fav'ing this page so I can 5 bomb the shit out of it for the next few days.

Thanks for doing that, zero-bombers are one of my wost problems with this site. I can't get any publicity because of the fuckers who listen to 5 seconds of a song (if they even listen at all) before voting zero.

Hey assholes, if you're not going to listen to most/all of the song, don't vote zero to kill what might be a good submission. (Doesn't apply to just my submissions, of course.)

Nice song, truly awesome

Dude, I honestly have to congratulate you on this, it is really good

culmor30 responds:

Thanks man, glad you like.