Reviews for "[c30] Shadows"


cool as


this so far is the first downer from you i mean its cool but it seems like its lacking sumthn maybe saws are a dif synth or sumthn all in all its good tho

wouldnt this be video game genre?

decent but not exactly what i like from you

i like i like

dude cool 8-bit songs ftw

I love 8-bit music

Music like this really harkens back to my days as an early gamer. Love the mixing with the Bass undertone It goes really well with the overall 8-bit theme. It is a little repetitive but what Overworld theme ever wasn't? I would love to this put to use somewhere In an indie 8-bit title or the likes. Well Im done rambling Great song and keep them coming!

culmor30 responds:

It would be awesome if someone would use this in an indie 8-bit game :D

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review.