Reviews for "Forsaken Neon"

I can't really tell the diffrence between the songs but if this is true coping off of two Children of Bodem songs then you need to give credit to them...

I'll give you 2 stars for the filler that you put in here, but this is just a techno "remake" of two Children of Bodom songs. You start off with the part from Bodom After Midnight and then at 1:06 you grabbed the part from Taste of My Scythe. Then you transition back to the part from Bodom After Midnight. Both of these songs are from the same album by them. The chance of that happening by accident/random is impossible; which means you fully realized what you were doing. You lost 3 stars by not making any effort to give credit to them.

This isn't bad at all, it sounds great the way you did it, but you should really be crediting those songs and the band itself. Without doing that you're giving me, the listener, the impression that you're trying to pass off something that you copied as something that you created 100% by yourself. The Licensing Terms over on the side is also pretty shitty in regards to using the Children of Bodom melodies. I mean why should I give credit to you when you're not giving credit to them?

great song, dimrain47!

It's simple: This song is amazing.

Your calculus homework can suck the loose end of this tune! Because this will forever beat calculus, every time! ^^