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Reviews for "~NK~ "Spaceman""


Dude from all of your other stuff I've listened this is by far the best by the way it sounds. Also on another note the lil piano breakdown was amazing.


really? how does he do it?
he makes awshome songs AND he uploads TONS of them!

nice work man

So big of an improvement.

I really haven't been on Newgrounds in a while and I was browsing your music and I noticed a gigantic, no, SIGNIFICANT improvement over the 2 years of your music on Newgrounds and I never thought you would even surpass my favorite composer. I love your music, it makes me speechless in awestruck. There nothing I could imagine you could improve to make this song any better.


Everything about this song sounds really cool! I really feel like i'm in space listening to this song, I don't know how you do that! Great song

I do like the Techno!!!

This is amazing I told all my friends about the stuff you make and they love it too.

Rukkus responds:

hey thanks alot ninja. Im glad you and your friends enjoy my music. Keep spreading the word!