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Reviews for "~EnV~On The Move!(NG Cut)"

As always

You never cease to amaze me, dear Envy. You're my favorite, along with B0UNC3 ^^

Envy responds:


nice work

i was really exicted when i saw the title, good to see you taking some of your 30 sec clips and actually adding to them. keep it up ive been a big fan of your stuff for a while.


So I was browsing the forums casually today and remember that I created your BBS Signature. I can't remember when that was, but it was a crazy moment when I remembered that.

Anyways, not commenting on anything but the orchestration of the piece itself, this is a fantastic piece. It makes me regret not having DDR at college, which has been a cause of slight sadness :(

My favorite part of this piece has got to be the transition and flow of this piece. It's very natural and musically enjoyable, nothing too abrupt. I enjoyed coming and going away from the main theme into another idea, etc. Very nice!


Envy responds:

Wa ha! Youuu. What was that forum way back when of audio artists? is it still around?


Love it, always a fan of envys music. Keep up the good work :)

Not bad, not at all.I liked start, it was somehow different than in your other songs.