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Reviews for "~EnV~On The Move!(NG Cut)"

i was listening to this today...

and i instantly started dancing on the streets... no joke
on my way home from school. it was awesome!
freaking amazing AGAIN EnV!


Love it, always a fan of envys music. Keep up the good work :)


So I was browsing the forums casually today and remember that I created your BBS Signature. I can't remember when that was, but it was a crazy moment when I remembered that.

Anyways, not commenting on anything but the orchestration of the piece itself, this is a fantastic piece. It makes me regret not having DDR at college, which has been a cause of slight sadness :(

My favorite part of this piece has got to be the transition and flow of this piece. It's very natural and musically enjoyable, nothing too abrupt. I enjoyed coming and going away from the main theme into another idea, etc. Very nice!


Envy responds:

Wa ha! Youuu. What was that forum way back when of audio artists? is it still around?

Whats Wrong with the kick BOUNC3?

Feels great to be back on newgrounds listening to my favourite dance artist again. The only thing I think that should be changed is the length of the silence in the middle, I think it needs to be slightly shorter.


.....But that kick is garbage, I'll make you a new one.

Envy responds:

lololol i could have told you that :3

And if you made me a new one I'd make love to you. Literally.