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Reviews for "LL-Gardevoir Porn"

Kinda funny, but true!

I liked the fact that breadfruit has a Pokemon fetish. It's so funny!

Kirbster! You again? Wow, you really DO like Gardevoir. I'm suprised you aren't stalking her. Or are ya? ;)
(to the guy before me)

Galloglasses responds:


I don't blame that Breadfruit guy....

Nice Flash, but short...and the title got my hopes up....

Gardevoir's pity! (pretty)

Galloglasses responds:

O RLY? :0

Pokemon fetishes are infectious


Hooray for _ocks

Galloglasses responds:



i would vote a 5 on anything with C+C music in it!!!

Galloglasses responds:


isw a3d77g 9999j? gardevoir

i was expecting some REAL gardevoir action but i couldnt help but thinking i was watching a GG movie as soon as i even saw the title?

Galloglasses responds:

lol, I made that title to attract all the noobs