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Reviews for "LL-Gardevoir Porn"


It's sick that someone would want to see Gardevoir porn goddammit! Gardevoir happens to be my favorite pokémon! In other words:

Make porn plz =D

I would like you to not take this review serious! =)

However... Gardevoir is indeed my favorite pokémon =)

Um... "Interesting"

Interesting subject... But it was pretty funny. I liked how it had sort of a story to it.


that wuz funny but y is the word "porn" in the title if they're wasn't any porn in there?

Haha Breadfruit lock got pwned

Looks like it's a REALY unwise thing to get Dia mad.

Nice animation, even though it was very short. The backgrounds were well done. Plus, 'seeing' Breadfruit getting owned was funny. xD
Yay for suggested violence.

Haha funny story

Nice animation from LL, it had a nice litel story with some good artwork with the locks and even backrounds, and was funny aswell, i thought it was pretty decent, nice job.

Funny story.


Galloglasses responds:

I'm glad you thought so, even do this was a noobish overnight project, glad yoou liked it so much. Thank you for watching